Friendship, A Mystery !

Friendship… what is friendship? I think it is the most complicated and mysterious relation among all the relationships. You never know who comes into your life, when they do and and for how long will they stay in your life.
We make promises of being “best friends”, “forever friends”, “friends for life”… as much as we want to but are we able to keep those promises ? Our day wouldn’t end without talking to each other and now days go by when we havent messaged each other… Earlier we used to meet everyday, then once every week then once a month and now months,  sometimes even  an year passes by.. We promise to always be there for each other. We also say “I am just a call away” but then that call is not made anymore… It is funny how things change… We have moved from ” lets meet and plan” to ” lets plan to meet” and still rarely succeed. Today everybody is busy in their lives.

Sometimes you don’t meet people often but when you do you continue from where you left off last time… nothing seems to be changed.. even when you meet after a long time you know you have each others back.. like they say “old is gold”… trust gets stronger with time… we don’t talk much in college and after a couple of years we meet every weekend !! After years of not being in touch we meet a friend and we’re still friends. Good to get in touch with old pals.
Friendship is weird. Friendship is childish. Friendship is funny. Friendship is stubborn. Friendship is love. Friendship is family. Friendship is happiness. Friendship is hatred for the same person. Friendship is to help each other with their crushes. Friendship is being yourself. Friendship is complicated. Friendship is Never being alone. Friendship is a mystery. Friends may come and go but Friendship is Forever…

Dedicated to all my beautiful friends !! Biggg hugggg

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