Somebody please get me a gift !!


Duniya main do tarah ke log hote hai … (the world has 2 types of people) …
One, the fault-finders! Those who can never be pleased. Whether u get them something they really want or pay them a nice compliment, they are just never happy. Gifting them can be a mammoth of a task. I’d say, give them the time and attention they want, take them shopping and watch them burn a hole in your pocket.

The other, is the kind who genuinely value every piece of gift they get. Even if it’s just your time. They are my favourite people. It’s easy to gift them…I can conveniently get them a home-made treasure and top their list of favourite people forever.
And then there is MOI. You ask me what I want, I would probably say “oh !! nothing” but in my mind I am running a list of a zillion out-worldly and atrociously exotic things that I wish you’d get me. But I will settle with “ok i will tell you if I think of anything”. But in my head, I’m screaming ‘Now You Better Get Me Something!!!’

When my mom overhears me putting forth my demands to my cousins she calls me “Makti” (greedy). But well, I’m proudly and unabashedly greedy. In fact, I keep reminding people to get me gifts. You know, people tend to forget these days with such busy lives.
But the reality is that the gift doesn’t matter. It’s my excuse to connect with them, stay in their thoughts and retain the child-like relationship with them. It’s more so about creating memories, laughing with them, clicking the crazy selfies, troubling each other, sending crazy little things to each other – all to let them know how important they are.

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