To: Myself

Where i left off.. Surprise Surprise !!

The only reason i give gifts and surprises to people is so that someday they will also give me a surprise (selfish motive). But its sad to realise that people don’t realise this (infact very depressing) And that is why I love ordering things online… because when they arrive its like a present from me to me (YAY!!).

As they say.. why depend on someone else for your happiness. Love yourself.. pamper yourself.. get a spa appointment.. take a couple of solitary hours.. go for an early walk in the fresh air and look at the sun rise.. get a reservation at your favourite restaurant… gift yourself… like a customised phone cover.. with your favourite picture or a picture of your favourite actor.. or a minion phone cover like i gifted myself (minion love.. they are super cute!!) My minion love is so much that i took away my sister-in-law’s minion t-shirt gifted to her… afterall it was a size big for her but perfect for me.. (well ! One more gift to myself). I also got a customised laptop skin with my picture.. stuck it on my laptop so that everybody knows its MY laptop and nobody can steal it (Courtsey: Printvenue). I love photo gifts. Either i get something custom made or make something myself. Right now i am converting one of the walls in my room to a huge photo collage !!

Pictures. Memories. Happiness and sadness. Smiles and tears. You feel lonely and suddenly you realise there are so many people who love you. You were bored and now you are excited. You were sad but now you are happy. You were crying and suddenly you are smiling…even laughing. You are old but you feel younger. You think you are losing memory but the moments captured in the pictures seems like just yesterday…. !!

I read somewhere,

A photograph is something you can look at and remember the old times. A picture is not only a reflection of people.. It’s a reflection of compassion,love and memories of good times… A smile happens in a flash, but the memory can last a lifetime.

There can be no better gift than pictures.. because what you feel is stronger and dense than what you can see or hold in your hands.

Once I saw something and I loved it instantly. It was something that you generally gift to people. But i didn’t know anybody whom I could give it to other than me.. so I bought myself a gift ! And since then this exciting journey began…

Keep loving !

Keep gifting !

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