10 Fun Things to do during COVID-19 lockdown

1. Pluck out single strands of hair from your body.. head, hair, hand and legs. Everyone needs either a haircut or a shave or a wax

For fun: Ask your partner to pluck your hair !!

2. There is only so much WFH folks can do.. work.. cook once, eat thrice or upto 3 days… Work… bartan Jhadu pocha… Work.. sleep for 4 hrs.. work again and only work.

For fun: ummm let me think.. oh yes.. WORK !!

3. Learn to cook. Burn everything. Add extra spice. Add salt instead of sugar. Arrange it picture perfect and post on social media.

For fun: Ask your family to comment nice things about your food on social media or maybe just genuine roller coaster experience they had.

4. Register on all the websites and download all the apps that are providing free resources during the lockdown. And use none of them.

For fun: Open all the websites and play a video on each of them. Play them together and try to make sense.

5. Spend half a day making indian ghuti hui coffee. Neatly make it in a glass, take a photo, post it on social media and quote it “dalgona coffee”

For fun: Drink it without mixing the coffee and milk.

6. Binge watch series, movies that are rated 4, 3, 2, 0, -1, -5

For fun: Watch foreign language with or without English subtitles

7. Play games. Offline. Online. On zoom. Board games. Ludo king. Uno with friends. Housie on whatsapp. Quizzes online. Antakshari on zoom. Treasure hunt inside your own house.

For fun: Run around your house and play catches with glassware and cutlery.

8. Read all the forwarded messages and download all the videos and photos on whatsapp. Dont forget to forward them to all your groups. Oh, I know you wont forget !

For fun: Turn off your whatsapp for 2 days.

9. Ofcourse, you are sitting at home and eating so much, so you have to workout !! Or atleast constantly think about it. Watch all the youtube videos on how to get fit in 10 days / 1 week / 30 days and think kal se pacca.

For fun: Try waking up your partner / sibling / child at 5 AM

10. Make a list of all the grocery delivery apps that are delivering to your pincode. Add a list of groceries that you require and which is available on all the apps. Keep checking every few hours for the slot availablity.

For fun: Dont eat for a day or two… And dont go out either. Stay home. Stay safe.

The best thing that has happened in lockdown is purification of air. Air pollution has drastically reduced around the globe. But we know that is not going to be permanent. One thing i really hope stays permanent is the hidden talent of people that has come out, stays out and should no longer be hidden. The level of satisfaction can not be measured. The happiness is immense. Follow your talent. Stay creative. Stay happy.

PS: Parents with small kids.. sorry this wasnt for you. But thanks anyway for reading and feeling blah all over again.

How many of these things have u done already? How many are you going to try? What other interesting activities have you done during the lockdown? Do leave a comment and let me know about your experiences.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha. I am going to wake you up at 5am tomorrow beta.

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