When I tried to Cook a Surprise for my Brother

Do you want to gift a chef? Plan a surprise for a chef? One thing you definitely shouldn’t gift them is your cooking !! I learned this 2 years ago when I tried to surprise my brother with my confident cooking skills.

My brother is a passionate foodie and an incredible chef. He is so passionate that he gets excited when he sees these..

He takes the knifes into his hand, examines them one by one and keeps looking them with awed eyes. Trust me its not a pleasant sight.

Anyway, one day unfortunately I thought I should make my brother his favorite bitter gourd curry (Karele ki sabji). So I made the curry.

Doesn’t this look nice? Of course, I was excited. However, I still dreaded to taste my cooking. As soon as my dear brother got home, I made him try the dish. Well, good for him, he dreaded my cooking as well. He played smart. Instead of tasting the bitter gourd, he took only the onions. I remember vividly what happened next. One second he put the onions in his mouth and half a second later they were out in the bin !! So I was told, I didn’t prep them well because of which the entire curry was bitter, awfully bitter. Oops !! In my defense, I made it for the first time (and the last) and I couldn’t ask my mother for the recipe because of the time difference.

But my cruel brother got joy out of my misery. By the weekend, our entire family knew the karela story and wouldn’t stop pulling my leg. I have always believed in Karma and isn’t there a saying that Karma gets to you eventually. Well, soon enough I got my revenge. The best part, I didn’t even have to work for it. On a Sunday morning, my brother decided to make Poha for breakfast. He made it, tasted it and threw it out in the bin… His reaction, “This is not even edible. I am never making Poha again!” Eureka !!! After that, whenever someone tried to pull my leg, I shared with them this little poha story and the satisfaction I got was epic.

Our entire family now knows about this. When they have to make fun of someone’s cooking they are like “Yeh toh Purva ke karele ki tarah hoh gayi” (“This is like Purva’s Bitter gourd”) or “Bhaiya ke poha ki tarah mat bana dena” (“Don’t make it like brother’s Poha”).

People who love to eat are always the best people – Julia Child

And gifting them is not very difficult. Here are pocket friendly 10 gifts ideas for a passionate chef.

If you too have some gift ideas like me, or have already gifted a chef, do tell us about it in the comments section.

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