When I tried to take Dad to a Restaurant to Surprise him

Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, singers of songs — Pam Brown

Gifting men is tough. Gifting dads, a million times tougher… its dad after all !!

In May 2019, my brother and I decided to take our parents out for a surprise dinner at a restaurant my dad had wanted to try for a while. We told them the reservation was in a different restaurant which was about in the same area though on a different route.

Dad likes to dress as per the place and the occasion and this time were no different. Unfortunately, we didn’t consider that before telling him about the cover-up restaurant and we did make him change a few times before he got a little annoyed with us. By then Mom figured we were up to something and with her rounds of interrogation, while dad’s figuring what to wear next, got the plan out of us.

Now with everyone appropriately dressed for the restaurant, we set out to get on with the surprise (for dad only!). I was the designated chauffeur for the evening. I obviously took the route to get to where our reservation was. My dad at this point, thinking I took a wrong, long traffic filled route, started with his “dad speech” and I heard to no end about how I have no sense of direction, don’t listen and don’t use technology to gauge traffic. About 20 minutes into driving on the ‘wrong route’ my dad almost lost it. At this point, our secretive family couldn’t hold back any more. It started with me letting out a giggle. My brother joined me and mom followed.

Before his blood pressure could shoot up any further, we told him where we were headed. He laughed out along with us and Guess what he said next “You picked the wrong clothes for the place, what makes you think I am dressed appropriately???” *facepalm*.

As the evening rolled on, I realised just how much dad loved the experience. The bottom line is that regardless of his denial, criticism, and refusals, dads love and cherish every gift that you give them. Even those silly drawings from your childhood.

Here are 10 ideas to gift your dad:

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