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Hi, I’m Purva Kankaria. I love receiving gifts and love planning surprises even more. I create handcrafted, personalized gifts for important and just-like-that occasions. I would love to help you plan a surprise for your loved ones, absolutely for free. Free consultation for gifting an experience.

8 Last Moment Open When Letter Envelope Ideas

Here are 8 open when letter ideas for a long distance relationship, for friends or for family. Why worry when you can make someone smile with personalized handmade letters within minutes.

When I tried to take Dad to a Restaurant to Surprise him

He laughed out along with us and Guess what he said next “You picked the wrong clothes for the place, what makes you think I am dressed appropriately???” *facepalm*
Read on to find what happened…

10 Gift Ideas for a Father

Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, singers of songs. — Pam Brown Gifting men is tough. Gifting dads, a million times tougher… its dad after all !! Read here to find out what happened with me When I tried to take Dad to a Restaurant to Surprise him. Here are a few ideas to gift your dad: Gift…


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