10 Fun Things to do during COVID-19 lockdown

1. Pluck out single strands of hair from your body.. head, hair, hand and legs. Everyone needs either a haircut or a shave or a wax

For fun: Ask your partner to pluck your hair !!

2. There is only so much WFH folks can do.. work.. cook once, eat thrice or upto 3 days… Work… bartan Jhadu pocha… Work.. sleep for 4 hrs.. work again and only work.

For fun: ummm let me think.. oh yes.. WORK !!

3. Learn to cook. Burn everything. Add extra spice. Add salt instead of sugar. Arrange it picture perfect and post on social media.

For fun: Ask your family to comment nice things about your food on social media or maybe just genuine roller coaster experience they had.

4. Register on all the websites and download all the apps that are providing free resources during the lockdown. And use none of them.

For fun: Open all the websites and play a video on each of them. Play them together and try to make sense.

5. Spend half a day making indian ghuti hui coffee. Neatly make it in a glass, take a photo, post it on social media and quote it “dalgona coffee”

For fun: Drink it without mixing the coffee and milk.

6. Binge watch series, movies that are rated 4, 3, 2, 0, -1, -5

For fun: Watch foreign language with or without English subtitles

7. Play games. Offline. Online. On zoom. Board games. Ludo king. Uno with friends. Housie on whatsapp. Quizzes online. Antakshari on zoom. Treasure hunt inside your own house.

For fun: Run around your house and play catches with glassware and cutlery.

8. Read all the forwarded messages and download all the videos and photos on whatsapp. Dont forget to forward them to all your groups. Oh, I know you wont forget !

For fun: Turn off your whatsapp for 2 days.

9. Ofcourse, you are sitting at home and eating so much, so you have to workout !! Or atleast constantly think about it. Watch all the youtube videos on how to get fit in 10 days / 1 week / 30 days and think kal se pacca.

For fun: Try waking up your partner / sibling / child at 5 AM

10. Make a list of all the grocery delivery apps that are delivering to your pincode. Add a list of groceries that you require and which is available on all the apps. Keep checking every few hours for the slot availablity.

For fun: Dont eat for a day or two… And dont go out either. Stay home. Stay safe.

The best thing that has happened in lockdown is purification of air. Air pollution has drastically reduced around the globe. But we know that is not going to be permanent. One thing i really hope stays permanent is the hidden talent of people that has come out, stays out and should no longer be hidden. The level of satisfaction can not be measured. The happiness is immense. Follow your talent. Stay creative. Stay happy.

PS: Parents with small kids.. sorry this wasnt for you. But thanks anyway for reading and feeling blah all over again.

How many of these things have u done already? How many are you going to try? What other interesting activities have you done during the lockdown? Do leave a comment and let me know about your experiences.

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Somebody please get me a gift !!

Duniya main do tarah ke log hote hai … (the world has 2 types of people) …
One, the fault-finders! Those who can never be pleased. Whether u get them something they really want or pay them a nice compliment, they are just never happy. Gifting them can be a mammoth of a task. I’d say, give them the time and attention they want, take them shopping and watch them burn a hole in your pocket.

The other, is the kind who genuinely value every piece of gift they get. Even if it’s just your time. They are my favourite people. It’s easy to gift them…I can conveniently get them a home-made treasure and top their list of favourite people forever.
And then there is MOI. You ask me what I want, I would probably say “oh !! nothing” but in my mind I am running a list of a zillion out-worldly and atrociously exotic things that I wish you’d get me. But I will settle with “ok i will tell you if I think of anything”. But in my head, I’m screaming ‘Now You Better Get Me Something!!!’

When my mom overhears me putting forth my demands to my cousins she calls me “Makti” (greedy). But well, I’m proudly and unabashedly greedy. In fact, I keep reminding people to get me gifts. You know, people tend to forget these days with such busy lives.
But the reality is that the gift doesn’t matter. It’s my excuse to connect with them, stay in their thoughts and retain the child-like relationship with them. It’s more so about creating memories, laughing with them, clicking the crazy selfies, troubling each other, sending crazy little things to each other – all to let them know how important they are.

Friendship, A Mystery !

Friendship… what is friendship? I think it is the most complicated and mysterious relation among all the relationships. You never know who comes into your life, when they do and and for how long will they stay in your life.
We make promises of being “best friends”, “forever friends”, “friends for life”… as much as we want to but are we able to keep those promises ? Our day wouldn’t end without talking to each other and now days go by when we havent messaged each other… Earlier we used to meet everyday, then once every week then once a month and now months,  sometimes even  an year passes by.. We promise to always be there for each other. We also say “I am just a call away” but then that call is not made anymore… It is funny how things change… We have moved from ” lets meet and plan” to ” lets plan to meet” and still rarely succeed. Today everybody is busy in their lives.

Sometimes you don’t meet people often but when you do you continue from where you left off last time… nothing seems to be changed.. even when you meet after a long time you know you have each others back.. like they say “old is gold”… trust gets stronger with time… we don’t talk much in college and after a couple of years we meet every weekend !! After years of not being in touch we meet a friend and we’re still friends. Good to get in touch with old pals.
Friendship is weird. Friendship is childish. Friendship is funny. Friendship is stubborn. Friendship is love. Friendship is family. Friendship is happiness. Friendship is hatred for the same person. Friendship is to help each other with their crushes. Friendship is being yourself. Friendship is complicated. Friendship is Never being alone. Friendship is a mystery. Friends may come and go but Friendship is Forever…

Dedicated to all my beautiful friends !! Biggg hugggg

Surprise Surprise !!

To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to gift them something silly… like a potato nicely packed and wrapped with a nice message.

I gifted this to a friend (idea courtesy: oyehappy) and she immediately gave me my return gift.. 5 mins of cursing… phew !! Even today when she gets to know i have gifted another friend a box of chocolates she goes all hyper and starts cursing me all over again… But the best thing about all this is… she will always remember me and my gift. The reason behind writing this blog is also her.. She was the one who pushed me into writing it…

One of my closet friend recently got married and moved to a different city. I wanted to create memories with her with whatever little time she was at home. I was browsing for ideas when i came across this “If you really want your friends to remember you, give them something cheap.” And that was it… i asked her to give me half day of hers.. I went to pick her up with a cup of coffee I made. Then went to a donuts place to have a sweet little donut. Oh! and i had hand written small messages and quotes for her on small slips of paper. I kept giving her one every few minutes. I took her to a street where there were very less people around (u see, less people less embarrassing !!) and asked her to open the car trunk for a surprise.

I had filled the trunk with balloons (red colour, heart shaped because i couldnt find any other). And the balloons had messages written on slips of paper inside them. She had to pop all the balloons right there on the road !! Well… both of us were embarrassed but were laughing our lungs out.. after so much drama finally we ended our day with lunch and laughter.. Both of us can never forget that day.

I believe the best gifts come from the heart, not the store. I like to make things for my loved ones and surprise them. he best gifts come from the heart, not the store. I like to make things for my loved ones and surprise them.

Once i made an edible fruits bouquet for my father’s birthday (with the help of my mom ofcourse).

And on my mom’s 50th birthday i had made her a nice ‘Explosion Box’ card (idea courtesy: Google) with pictures (made it all by myself.. So Proud !!). The best gift to give your partner is to cook a meal (their favorite) for them. Its true the way to a man’s (women’s too) heart is through his stomach. I read this somewhere, “A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.” As simple as customized photo mugs or photo collage can do the trick. I had also made a video for a friend’s birthday with his pictures and his favorite songs and also songs to describe our friendship. There is a lot of customization going on these days.. and i simply love pictures.. they bring back wonderful memories.. it brings colors to a boring day.. I have decided to gift myself a photo wall. I have started filling a wall in my room with pictures. I cant wait to see the completed wall.. too much excitement !!!

The only reason i give gifts and surprises to people is so that someday they will also give me a surprise (selfish motive). But its sad to realise that people don’t realise this (infact very depressing) And that is why I love ordering things online… because when they arrive its like a present from me to me (YAY!!) How shopping therapy works for people gifting therapy works for me.

Keep Loving

Keep Gifting

Cheers !!